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HMS Technical

& Analytical Lab

Product Research & Development

Lab Testing and Sample Analysis

Product and Technical Support

Services a wide variety of industries

Petri Dish

What We Offer

Scientific Support for new and existing product development.

Technical Consulting, product development, specialized product manufacturing, specialized testing and product development/R&D available through HMS Technical Development

A wide variety of lab tests designed to meet your needs.

Laboratory testing of minerals, soils, water, and wastewater to service the mining and municipal business segments.

Why Choose HMS Scientific Solutions

High Quality Services 

Technical Consulting, product development, specialized product manufacturing and testing, and product development/R&D. 

Rapid and Certifiable Results

Undergoing certification for the Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection, and EPA accreditations. 



Receive personalized, one-on-one technical support for your specific chemical analyses. 

Experienced Advisor Service

With 30+ years of laboratory experience, 20+ years of experience in Research & Development, and  experience with dozens of industries and processes, you can expect quality research and results!

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